How to enter a support ticket

IoT Marketplace is a 100% self-serve environment providing digital capabilities for purchasing, using and managing only the products and services that are offered in the IoT Marketplace. Note, not all AT&T Products and services are supported through the IoT Marketplace. Account management services are not provided with IoT Marketplace accounts, however the following resources are available to help Marketplace users:

  • Most questions can be quickly answered by using information found in the self-help section of the Support Center.
  • Attempting to register, activate, and/or manage SIM(s), go to the Dashboard section of your Marketplace account/My Marketplace (Users must be logged into their Marketplace Account to access My Marketplace/Dashboard)
  • Unable to find information to help resolve your question, enter a support request by clicking here (Users must be logged into their Marketplace Account to access the support ticket feature)

Seeking assistance for your AT&T Business or AT&T Personal account, please click here