Unlike a consumer device, IoT devices do not automatically configure themselves for connectivity to the network and instead, will need to be properly configured.

Your device may have come pre-configured with a consumer APN that will not work with these SIMs. In order to establish a successful data connection, when you test your device with the SIMs in this kit, please be certain to set your device’s APN name to m2m.com.attz.

For OneRate SIMs, use APN m2m64.com.attz .

For NB-IoT One Rate, use APN m2mNB16.com.attz .

No username or password is typically required.

This setting can typically be found in your device’s connection software or network details. If you are unable to set the APN on your device, please contact the device manufacturer for details on how to set an APN on your specific device.